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24-Oct-2017 16:53

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Although lesbian/gay marriage and even civil unions haven’t been around very long, early studies suggest that lesbian couples are 50-167% more likely to divorce than heterosexual couples, and nearly twice as likely to divorce as gay men. We’re just winning the right to marry, and we’re already getting divorced en masse? Well, social scientists have a few theories: Yet none of these factors explain why our divorce rates are also nearly twice those of gay men!Now, frankly, straight and gay male divorce rates are also high, so we might even conclude that the problem is with the institution of marriage itself (or with human beings!The plan backfired as I had no intention of actually dating my “date,” but by the end of the wedding night we were a “couple.” The relationship lasted six weeks, mostly due to people telling me to give him a chance. Singles are not only targeted at family gatherings or in social settings, but in general public too.

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Johnson of the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County approved a settlement agreement in which Spark agreed to modify its site and search features to include LGBT singles within two years.

The company did not admit to any wrongdoing, but it did agree to pay each plaintiff ,000 US and cover the 0,000 they had accumulated together in legal fees.

Yet at our Conscious Girlfriend workshops, we’ve heard from many lesbians who have given up on relationships. Chemistry alone isn’t enough – yet neither is love!

Truly satisfying ongoing relationships are only possible once both partners develop some very particular understandings and skills – so that’s what we’re here to help you do.

Same-sex Christian couples couldn't be matched through Christian Mingle because members couldn't register as gay in the first place.