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These recognizable attractions appear not only on countless postcards and magazine covers, but also in numerous feature films and television shows.Heading the impressive list of cinematic gamblers who’ve set up lights and cameras under clear desert skies is the all-star remake of , which visited Palm Springs to shoot the memorable scene where George Clooney plans to steal 0 million from three Las Vegas casinos. " The deep gravelly voice belonged to Theo Stegers, an executive search specialist, or in everyday language, a headhunter.

He texts me several times a day to tell me that I am gorgeous - my skin is like porcelain, my eyes are like deep pools and my hair is like golden sand. No, not movies made in America, but movies whose titles begin with ‘American’. If you want to capture your target audience’s attention, it seems just putting their nationality in front of another word or two will help you along the way. With that in mind, here are a few other ‘American’ movies. He ripped off my clothes when I was unconscious and I was violently sick afterwards.

Ricardo is a tall, handsome and suave 28-year-old Italian.may not be spelled out in billboard-size letters, straddling the mountainside like the familiar Hollywood sign, which has beckoned generations of sightseers to the world’s filmmaking capital.