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24-Jan-2018 10:34

So when his friends told him that she’d been cheating on him, he decided he’d had enough.“She just wanted someone to provide for her so she wouldn’t have to work,” he says on reflection. avoid heartbreak — and the loss of hard-earned money — by sussing out a woman’s true motives.As to be expected, there are gold diggers all over the country.But we advise men AND women in Houston, Texas, particularly, to watch their wallet.

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Men are increasingly sensitive about finding someone genuine who will stick with them “for richer or poorer.” They often avoided a woman if she wrote in her online profile something along these lines: “I love shopping” or “I adore fine wines and champagne.” In an initial email exchange, men cringed if a woman wrote “I’m looking for a man who is generous” or “a man who has achieved career success.” Men believed these were proxy statements for “I want to be taken care of financially.” Of course, these were often misperceptions, but in the early stages of dating, perception is reality.G., a 42-year-old Manhattan-based risk consultant for banks, had no idea he was being played.