Write a note on devising validating and testing of algorithm

27-Jul-2017 06:57

Such a conservative approach might be appropriate for the software that runs a nuclear reactor or a pacemaker or the brakes in your car.

One way to provide a performance guarantee is to introduce randomness, e.g., quicksort and hashing.

This section provides an introduction to software testing and the testing of Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

introduces software testing and focuses on a type of testing relevant to algorithms called unit testing.

It is the process of running test scenarios that an end user would run for his use.

Using mergesort and binary search, we develop faster algorithms for the 2-sum and 3-sum problems.

Running time of a program is less than a certain bound (as a function of the input size), no matter what the input.

Every time you run the algorithm, it will take a different amount of time.

These guarantees are not absolute, but the chance that they are invalid is less than the chance your computer will be struck by lightning.

However everyone will agree that whatever category of testing you perform, the entire testing effort can be basically generalized into two categories: positive testing paths and negative testing paths.

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