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, there’s a very excellent article written by Tyler Mc Ginnis, it’s a must read if you’re serious about Angular JS, I highly recommend it.As usual, please get a copy of the project files (a standard Word Press theme) from my Git Hub repository.Style Tiles are similar to design boards used by interior designers containing paint chips and fabric swatches, except for web or graphic designers.A few resources tips on Style Tiles: If you’re not a designer and you primarily rely on your Word Press theme for the design elements of a website, wireframes are a good way to get client buy-in before the website development begins.Besides “organizing and share code across the app”, the most powerful part is that we can share data between controllers via services.For example, you might notice that we query categories from WP-API on each page, but they are the same thing all the time, do we really have to request every time the page loads? Let me demonstrate the most important step at the beginning of this tutorial.

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It is a robust Word Press plugin that helps you organize and share sermons, lectures, audio, and other media content on your site and across the web.Usually, website mockups are “flat” or “non-working” image files, so as to focus on the overall design aesthetic and visual elements of a website design, but not the functionality.Tips for Web Design Mockups: Style Tiles are a collection of design elements that set the visual tone for a website.Its relative ease of use and its flexible nature make it easy to bend to your wishes.

Flexibility in Word Press is most usually achieved through the use of plugins.

In the website creation process, it’s important to separate the web design and web development phases.

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