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21-Jul-2017 04:19

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I am an Alpha human, ENTJ to the max, annoying fast to take charge person. So, don’t worry if you are an ENTJ or are friends with one, you can have an emotional situation. The first few times of being open are really scary and require a lot of trust.

I am known for the no-nonsense answers, and the cutting sarcasm.

Anonymous asked: As a fellow female entj I appreciate you as whole for making me feel like I'm not the sociopath everyone says we are. But, I am also known as the most patient and most approachable friend when issues arise, as I am also the most nonjudgmental friend, as I know that everyone needs to improve, and it’s impossible to start that journey if you can’t even admit it.

BTW the only type I've found so far that I get along with in a romantic sense is an ISFJ and my best friend is ISFP that is all. I hate the stereotype that arise for each personality type. So, as par for the way I have chosen to use my ENTJ powers, that is, building everyone around me up rather than my personal gain, I have had to learn to be much more empathetic and sensitive, and, as my friendship circle has told me, I have mostly succeeded.

It wouldn't be a horrible tragedy if it took a few more years for him to get married.

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These rare men match our drive, equal (if not exceed) our intelligence, are brutally rational and (infinitely most important) take charge of their lives with a level of ‘manliness’ that just doesn’t exist in common society.I mean I'm an ENTJ and they alway say you have some evil inside you, even though i'm far from evilness! And I think she may somewhat have a thing for me, but I'm not sure. Anonymous asked: Thoughts on INTP male, ENTJ female relationships?